UO's First Men's Catalog: PHONY PPL

Urban Outfitters is doing big things, and this includes introducing their FIRST-EVER Men's Catalog!

In this catalog UO decided to feature some of their favorite talented young male friends.

I feel as if my really cool married girlfriend just introduced me to her really hot single friend - And he is WAY hotter than she described.

Well, out of the four features I decided to pick the rap group Phony Ppl, because they looked really cute, and after listening to their music, I'm definitely in love.

1. They rap.
2. They're young, hip, and cool.
3. THEY'RE FROM BROOKLYN! - so becoming a groupie would be totally convenient.

But enough about my new found obsession, check out their cool UO pics!

To listen and download music from Phony Ppl 's bandcamp click here.

Also check out this song they just posted on their tumblr which I think sounds HELLA SEXY!

Later kiddies!

Photo Source: UO amd Jason Nocito