It's a feature... ON ME!

Every day I meet individuals who create what they deem, worthy of presenting to the large plateau that is the world, primarily the Internet. Yes, I just defined the profession of a blogger, I believe it gets a bit more complex. You see, the blogger is the untamed journalist, the writer who neither has or believes in delivering constructed messages, or information confined to the judgment of others. No, the blogger is the pillar of truth, we control the middle ground between commercial and “indie” but for the most part, history is made with an honest approach and honest soul.
Chante DeLong. I ask you to read that name one more time. Okay cool, well Chante contributes to the blogosphere in more ways than one. Chante’s contribution creates opportunity for her own future and others. I fell victim to Chante’s allure, in the privacy and secrecy of the business email system, receiving an email that offered congratulations and prompting my wandering eye to her newly created blog: Hey Hey Chante!. The blog was merely painted with gritty images and writing that illustrated Chante’s interest and favor in the arts, fashion and the “culture” of life. Knowledgable of Chante’s interest in the arts, I inquired if she would be able to cover my the AfricaInAmerica: Art Collective Exhibition, in which she replied gracefully: Yes! Blessings.”

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