I Just Wanna Has Yo Babies: Barack Obama

Okay, before anyone starts accusing me of being a home wrecker - I am not! Plus, I've seen the weapons of mass destruction Michelle is carrying, and NO THANK YOU!

Anywho, after watching the Democratic National Convention Thursday night, I feel madly in love with our president. He is such an articulate, well-spoken, inspiring, beautiful, heart-warming man. And in that moment, I felt proud of my country, proud that we are moving forward, and proud that there are people that actually CARE about this country's people.

Someone who gives the underdogs a voice; the women, the gays, the blacks - people who have spent so many years not being heard. He is giving us a chance to achieve our dreams, to be more than just individuals, but a country standing united.

Obama is concise. He is logical and passionate. He makes me want to stand beside him, fight with him, and do everything I can to become a better person, friend, family member, and American.

And THAT is why I want to have his babies. Because he cares about me. He cares about my loved ones. He cares about those who are not heard. He cares about those who are selfish and unloving. And most importantly, not matter what, he cares about this country.

God bless that beautiful mulatto man!

In cased you missed it, here is Barack Obama's DNC Presidential Candidate acceptance speech:

And as always, you know I must provide some porn. So ladies and gents, enjoy:

Oh, Barry....